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  • Rebranding Announcement

    Rebranding Announcement

    4. 4. 2019 / News and tips

    New identity, same philosophy. We are proud to announce you that Nutrisslim has been renamed to Nature's finest. Nature's finest has always been our slogan and after a long reflection, we decided that Nature's Fin..

  • Protein pancakes

    Protein pancakes

    9. 4. 2018 / Recipes

    Protein pancakes are a great idea for breakfast or dessert. For anyone who's already out of ideas for a healthy breakfast or just a protein meal after workout. Fluffy, healthy and high protein! Ingredients: 2 cups o..

  • Raw chocolate ice cream

    Raw chocolate ice cream

    18. 7. 2017 / Recipes

    This summer, we recommend you try a slightly different ice cream - raw, vegan and full of chocolate. Healthy and easy to prepare. The purchased ice creams are full of additives, artificial colours and sugar. Ingredient..

  • Line of Vegan protein shakes and meals

    Line of Vegan protein shakes and meals

    3. 3. 2017 / News and tips

    A blend of all the best nutrient dense superfoods to nourish and sustain you on the journey of life. Just the vegan protein force is a line of vegan protein shakes and meals, for people that want more out of their dail..

  • Meet our Ambassadors

    Meet our Ambassadors

    7. 1. 2017 / News and tips

    Nutrisslim’s ambassadors are ambitious sportsmen and healthy lifestyle promoters. Among them, you can find professional cyclists, fitness and yoga instructors, weight lifters and others. If you want to be Nutrisslim’..

  • Čokoladni sladoled na štapiću

    Čokoladni sladoled na štapiću

    15. 9. 2016 / Recipes

    Sastojci 1 zrela banana 1 šalica kokosovog mlijeka 2 žlice sirovog kakao praha 1/2 žlice sirove vanilije u prahu 1 žlica agava ili yacón sirupa 1 žlica kokosovog ulja Mali prstohvat Himalajske soli 6 kalupa za sla..

  • Strart your day with a healthy breakfast

    Strart your day with a healthy breakfast

    12. 9. 2016 / News and tips

    The right choice of foods for breakfast affects the feeling of hunger throughout the day. Researchers say that eating foods with a low glycemic index for breakfast may prevent a rapid blood sugar oscillation after breakf..

  • How healthy breakfast of athletes looks like?

    How healthy breakfast of athletes looks like?

    1. 9. 2016 / News and tips

    Regardless of the type of sport, a healthy breakfast is necessary for its performance. We do a lot for our body if we eat a healthy meal in the morning. This applies for all, especially for those who are physically activ..

  • What are superfoods?

    What are superfoods?

    1. 9. 2016 / News and tips

    Superfood is a special category of foods, which can be found in nature. Superfoods are used as a nutritional supplements and have extremely rich nutritional value. This means food is rich with antioxidants, minerals, v..

  • 30. 8. 2016 / News and tips

    Is breathing a clean air a basic human right? Is safe drinking water our essential? Should our food be grown in polluted soil? Are we destroying our Planet and we don’t care? Our environment is a precious and delica..

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